Friday, August 26, 2011

A walk down memory lane!

So about 6 months ago, I brought several boxes of memorabilia, stuffed animals, etc. from my parents' house to my apartment in Memphis.  My parents, Katie, and one of my mom's college friends came to visit last weekend, so I cleaned out the guest bedroom.  This is where all the stuff I've brought back has been stored. 

Several days last week, I got out a box of my old notes, cards, etc.  I don't know that I've laughed that much or cried that hard in a long time.  It was SO good for my soul.  So many notes from high school friends (mostly from my friend Monifa (a.k.a. Polly)) that included code names for guys.  Some of them I remembered who the name was code for, some of them I could infer from context clues, and some, I had no earthly idea!  One of the notes said something about how I moved from guy to guy so fast my friend couldn't keep up.  I laughed, because it was so true!  I ususally had a crush on multiple boys at one time.  There were several notes from my parents and friends when I moved to college that made me cry, notes from the night of my sorority initiation that warmed my heart, and so many more.  I even found stuff that I colored when I was in elementary school, and all of my old report cards.  I have loved reading through them all!  Also, recently, my church in Memphis did a series on parenting, and being present in your children's lives.  One of the things they talked about the most was that you only have about 7000 days with your child from birth to age 18, when they will hopefully move out.  I feel so so so very grateful that my childhood & teenage years were filled with so many wonderful experiences.  Not to say that all of them were positive, but they were all life-changing and a growing experience.  I am so thankful for WONDERFUL family & friends throughout my life, especially during those very formative years!

Not to mention, I've been working on typing up a ton of my grandmother's (Mimi's) recipes to make into a cookbook for my mom and 2 aunts, and this makes me emotional anyway.  Seeing her handwriting, names of people my mom grew up with, etc.  My sweet Mimi passed away when I was 8 and my sister was 6.  Katie really has very few memories of her, and it makes me so sad.  She was a wonderful grandmother and I miss her all the time.

I apologize for the sappy post.  Just wanted to state how grateful I am for wonderful friends and great memories!  Can't wait to make so many more in the future!

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Melissa said...

Can't believe I didn't know you had a blog! I saw the link when you left a comment on my blog tonight. I hope I can keep updated on your life this way...

Glad you've taken a trip down memory lane. You and I have tons of funny stories and memories that always bring tears to my eyes. Couldn't have asked for a better roomate freshman year.