Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ABC's of Moi!!

Ambition: To be a wonderful wife and mommy someday, and be an amazing pediatric dentist!

Bad Habit: Uhh, maybe driving too fast? And being impatient while driving, especially in Memphis!

City: Memphis right now, but will be Northwest Arkansas in a little over a year!!  Can't wait to get back close to home!

Drink: Lots of water these days, but Diet Dr Pepper or Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade are my favs!!

Education: I've got a Bachelor of Science, a Doctor of Dental Surgery, and in about a year, a certificate in Pediatric Dentistry

Food:  Pasta of any sort (esp homemade mac n cheese), Pizza, really anything unhealthy! :)

Guilty Pleasure: Good wine, regular Dr. Pepper (rarely indulge in this one!), fattening foods, I could go on and on!

Hometown: Fort Smith, Arkansas

Ice Cream:  Dulce de leche has changed my life, but I really like any kind!!

Jonesing for: a return trip to Mexico for more relaxing, eating, and drinking!

Kryptonite: Not really sure what this means? 

Look-a-like: No one ever really tells me I look like anyone, except maybe my sister.

Movie: Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride, The Holiday, any chick flicks!

Nickname: Em, Google, Ermily, Emmy, Euma, Emly, Fourmy, Forminator, Forms

Obsession: Teeth, I guess?!  And lately, working out & eating healthy!

Perfume: anything I have samples of!  haven't bought any in forever!

Quirk: I don't like most condiments- honey, ketchup, syrup, jelly/jam

Regret: Nada...really, can't think of any off the top of my head

Starbucks: Skinny caramel latte, or any of the skinny frappuccinos

Thrift Find of the Year: haven't done any thrift store shopping lately

University: Oklahoma State!  Go POKES!

Vacation:  Playa del Carmen, Mexico!  Or Creede, Colorado...or really anywhere with my family!

Wine: Si, loves it!

X: a little unsure how to answer this...

Years: 28

Zen: laying on the beach in Mexico, listening to the waves, with a drink in hand!