Monday, May 16, 2011

2 posts in 1 evening!

What in the world is going on!?  I'm now making a second blog post in one night.  This one will not be as lengthy, but hopefully will be a little more entertaining than the last one.  Here ya go, please enjoy!!

I laughed out loud when I saw this on facebook!  Some of the cartoon characters have been altered just slightly, but I still think it is just hilarious!  And, just to be clear, I did love the royal wedding, did DVR it, and did watch every last second! 


Jen said...

Hey Hey!! Didn't realize you had a blog! Found you on Sarah E's blog. I completely understand the lack of posting...I do the same thing sometimes. I've never gone months, but definitely weeks at a time. Funny to look back and see that I used to post more than once a day at times. I go through little bursts, I guess. :)

Have fun with your family on vacation! :)

Melissa said...

Ok, I hadn't seen this. Hilarious!!! Love it. Thanks for sharing.